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.you're turning me into you

.you have no idea how dangerous you make people to themselves

{ ♫ siri ♫ }
6 December
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strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value
-- albert einstein

SIRI. 18+(sissi, arashi).
british (tiverton, devon. current: greenwich, london). old enough. asexual. studying my ba in english lit and creative writing. book-worm. tv addict. movie-goer. music freak. chocaholic. crazy about animals.

i love storms, rain, snow, orange juice, bread sticks, pasta and meatballs, shoes, bags and hair accessories. i love slipper socks, rings, umbrellas, cheese dip, cakes. i love my house, my friends, my life, my music. i love things.

this journal is going to be full of lots of things; writing, fannish squeal, slash, incest, love between same genders. i make no apologies for my opinions because they are just that. please don't let this put you off; i love everybody on my flist and i always have time for everyone. i like making friends on all of my social platforms, especially if we have something in common ♥

getyourwordsout total

FANWORKS POLICY. (podfic, repods, illustrations, translations etc.)

if you are inspired to use my work as you will, please do so. i trust that my work will be dealt with kindness and respect. you don't need my permission to take my work and transform it via podfic, repods, remixes, sequels, illustrations, translations and more. i am open to all of these. consider this my blanket permission for you to do so. i would request that you send me a link to whatever you've done so that i can properly thank/praise you for what you've done.

in regards to collaboration; i am totally open to this be it writing, podfic, arts, whatever. please contact me and we can talk about it. i love working with other fans, however that may be.

and mentioned this in their policies and i would like to do the same;

if you need to change words/omit or add dialogue tags or change anything else about one of my fics for podficcing purposes, please feel free to do so. if you wish me to make any changes specifically for you, to make it easier for you, please ask me. i can't gurantee i'd be willing to do it but please ask. chances are, i've been thinking about doing it anyway and just need that extra kick!

also, credit yourself for doing this if you did! add in the notes that you've edited/changed things around, however this works for you. you deserve the recognition for doing so :)

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