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(art) wend and repeat (until true) {art for bigbang}

.wend and repeat (until true) {art}
[the social network. eduardo saverin/mark zuckerberg. photoshop. fornovembersmithas part ofthesocialbbang]
author/fic;novembersmith; wend and repeat (until true)
disclaimer; i am creating artwork about mark zuckerberg and eduardo saverin (and other characters) as presented in the movie the social network. this is no way about the real people. also, i do not own the social network. this is for love and not profit

notes; sooooo. i made this art for lauren a while ago. her fic is amazing, fyi, you should all READ IT because it is flawless, like HER. she is just an amazing writer and being able to create art from her masterpiece was a privilege. originally there was jutt the one peiece of art and then we loled about the shades (omg read the fic to know what i am talking about they are GREAT. and as a side pairing think the dead sailor and the victorian JUST PUTTING IT OUT THERE) getting facebooks. so i fell back on the old reliable and made fake!statuses for them because i am just that cool.

the cover is new. yeah.novembersmithis awesome. i hope you like everything!

Tags: (art) bigbang, (art) cover, (art) fake bookface, (art) lawyer up asshole, (art) mine, (art) photoshop
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