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#414; (fic fest) the social network; tfln

i'm sorry if you've just recently friended me; this journal is heavily orientated on the social network right now so feel free to bypass these entries if you're like TSN? AGAIN? STFU, SIRI.

because fledmusic enabled a little bit and i'm a whore for TSN/fests/TFLN. that site is addictive to anybody that loves the social network because almost every single entry is relevant.

some rules (because everyone has them)

  • no character/pairing bashing; this is a friendly fest!
  • everything is allowed; het, slash, gen, poly, etc.
  • you can prompt/lay down a text you like and ask for it to be filled
  • you can just comment fic this entry with texts you've seen and want to write for
  • have fun!
  • (this isn't mean to take anything away from the kink meme; please feel free to keep commenting there! this is just a silly little fic challenge that i wanted to do because I WANT THIS FIC IN MY FACE, RIGHT NOW.
  • NO RPF/S PLEASE. THIS IS JUST FOR THE SOCIAL NETWORK. (also no rl!mark or rl!eduardo etc. - these are the characters as revised and written by aaron sorkin)
  • tell your friends! :D :D :D


(248): he borrowed my computer and saw his name in my recent google searches. Things got awkward real fast.
                           - untitled (mark/eduardo) by ohennui

(401) This is a mass text. Does anyone know where I am?
                           - i think it's a ditch (chris & dustin) by thisissirius

(401) Recent Google searches: "babu kangarooz"... "why 2 tacos bell" and "is dinosaur in real life"
                           - look at all the blood!! (mark, chris & dustin) by thisissirius

(917) you were asking all the dicks on chatroulette if they had daddy issues
                           - untitled (mark & eduardo, dustin) by alextheggreat

(605) He was eating mac and cheese. Raw. Like as in he was eating the uncooked noodles then pouring the dry cheese in his mouth.
                           - seperation anxiety (mark/eduardo, chris & dustin) by fledmusic

(214) Let's just be mature adults about last night and never speak of it again.
                           - emotional maturity (mark/eduardo) by fledmusic

(615) Why do guys in porn never have boxers on?
(941) better question: why do you always text me when you're watching porn
                           - i was drunk (so it was tuesday?) (mark & eduardo) by kisforkurama

(517): I can't believe you just thanked me for a blowjob on my Facebook wall...
                           - {art] iPhone misstep (mark/eduardo) by thisissirius

(303) I know you're trying to keep the moaning to a minimum but the banging on the wall is totally giving you away
                           - tiny fill (eduardo & mark (chris)) by hapakitsune

(310): I just googled how to quit your job and cause a big uproar at the same time....i tell you how tomorrow goes, i'm so excited....
                           - californian area code (mark, ofc) by hapakitsune

(612) What started out as a threesome has become me sitting here watching them have sex... Can I get a ride home?
                           - bm90IHlvdXJz ("not yours" in base64) (mark/eduardo, sean) by kisforkurama

(410) He seems like he has feelings, which is completely unacceptable; esp for a boy in college
                           - completely unacceptable (mark, eduardo & girl) by minor_fifth


I don't know what kind of drugs you were on last night but you kept trying to highlight my face because you said I was important
                           - we highlight 'portant things (mark/eduardo) by commen_sense

(517): My own mom unfriended me on Facebook.
                           - {art} I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED, YOUNG MAN (mark, eduardo, mama zuckerberg) by thisissirius

(517): If i see another girl turn you down you should either turn gay or just kill yourself
                           - untitled (mark/eduardo) by grim_lupine

(940) talking dirty on facebook chat is the new phone sex.
                           - let the dry cleaner worry about that (mark/eduardo) by ginevrawp

(575): My dad told me my only assignment from now til graduation is to not die. it's a legit concern for him.
                           - trainwreck that i am (mark/eduardo) by reogulus

(307) The good news is the bleeding stopped. I think I'm going to sober up before I tell you the bad news though.
                           - sandwich every bit of criticism (mark/eduardo-ish) by ANON.

(954): I tried really hard to get you laid last night. And by that I mean I asked a bunch of dudes if they were top or bottom.
                           - untitled (chris & dustin) by ANON

(515): if your phone is working sorry i called you at 2am. if it is not then i never called your phone at 2am
                           - uncertainty principle by black_eyedgirl
Tags: (!) stupid sundays, (challenge) ficfest, (chris) hates his job so much, (chris) needs a raise, (dustin) is a bit crazy but whatever, (dustin) is the best, (dustin) it's dustiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin, (festivals) tsn; textsfromlastnight, (lols) help us mark zuckerberg, (mark) needs humanising lessons, (mp) lawyer up asshole, (wardo) is kind of awesome
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