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((fic) tv: two sides of a legend)

  • (2)u+i=we (23/10/10)
    [merlin!au. arthur/merlin. 801 words. adult. mathletes!au. for myfoolisheart.]
    in which merlin is a mathlete, arthur joins because he wants in merlin's pants and morgana and gwen despair of the pair of them.

  • absence
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. gen. post!13. fest.]
    When Arthur wakes up, he knows what's happened before anyone tells him.

  • ahead, via est patefacio (10/11/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur-ish. g. coda to gates of avalon. 498 words. uther & arthur.]
    “I would not have him suffer pain at the hands of your dishonesty.

  • and i am alive; BAND!AU (30/11/08)
    [merlin!au. merlin/arthur. morgana/gwen. morgana/uther. arthur/sophie. all-ratings. incomplete. current; 7,889 words]
    Speculation is ripe about hot new band Slash Dragon, after sharp-eyed fans spotted the two lead singers, Merlin Emrys and Arthur Pendragon sharing significant looks and touching more often than is required by bandmates.

  • .and thereto i give thee my troth (29/04/11)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. wedding!fic (modern au). words. for the wedding fest.]
    "You're just upset because I wouldn't wear a veil."

  • .(a whole lot of) history (10/01/09)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. g. furture!fic. 655 words.]
    She runs her fingers over the cave walls and refuses to look at him. “I would never betray him,” she says.

  • caetera desunt ()
    [merlin. merlin/arthur.pg13 for kissing. 1985 words. coda to once and future queen.]
    sometimes it's possible to push too far. ["I thought you'd given up on fighting me."]

  • .cor unum (28/10/08)
    [merlin merlin/arthur hard r. 673 words.]
    “You’re insatiable, you know that?”

  • dead. dead. dead. (13/12/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. post!13. fest. 146 words.]
    A tear slides down his face and he can't breathe for a moment.

  • defessus of res rumex (04/11/08)
    [merlin merlin/arthur pg. 1080 words. post gates of avalon.]
    Destiny only goes so far. The rest you have to do on your own.

  • extant (08/12/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. character!death. pg. 1x13 preview!fic. 1214 words.]
    He looks stupidly down at his hands and laughs, almost with a touch of hysteria. “I can’t let go.”

  • facta, non verba (01/11/08)
    [merlin merlin/arthur. pg13. post gates of avalon. 1123 words.]
    Merlin refused to look at Arthur’s face. “I thought you didn’t like talking about this.”

  • fortis cadere, cedere non potest (16/10/08)
    [merlin merlin/arthur. pg13. 2321 words.]
    Arthur stepped forward. "I cannot yield, do you understand?”

  • gaudium in veritate (29/11/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. post labyrinth of gedref. 1140 words.]
    “You died,” Merlin says at least. “You died.”

  • he cries te amo (13/11/10)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. 922 words. post-queen of hearts]
    arthur wants to know what merlin's hiding from him.

  • he will choose (08/03/10)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. 191 words. for this meme.]
    arthur will turn and look, and he will choose.

  • i can see us dying (are we?) (15/11/09)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. 817 words. coda to sins of the father.]
    Merlin will admit that he is magic and that he lied and that he is sorry.

  • i hear what you're not saying (08/11/10)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur.1463 words. pg. coda to the witch finder.]
    "You don't have to do that," he said. "You're the Prince, not a servant."

  • in fieri (14/10/08)
    [merlin merlin/arthur. pg. coda to poisoned chalice. 774 words.]
    "Thank you," he said. "For drinking the wine."

  • inter spem et metum (08/11/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. post beginning of the end. 1110 words.]
    “You can’t save me forever,” Arthur said, reluctantly. “Someday it will happen.”

  • iuventuti nil adruum (23/10/08)
    [merlin merlin/arthur.. pg. 957 words. uther sees and merlin prays.]
    “I have let your Merlin get away with more than I would like. Don’t make me see what would get him killed.”

  • i've still got your face (painted on my heart) ()
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. movei!au (gone in sixty seconds). for reel_merlin. hard r. 14, 203 words.]
    "My magic didn't scare you," Merlin said, eventually. "It was the prospect that it could hold more power than you. That I might not need you anymore."

  • i wish i was an octopus (21/04/10)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. (LOL!) idek. g. 336 words. OCTOPUS!]
    the one where they are both OCTOPI

  • leaping point (31/10/09)
    [merlin merlin/arthur. pg. 231 words. missing scene for beauty and the beast [2].]
    It took a while for Merlin to realise Arthur was talking about him.

  • magna est vis consuetudinis (10/10/09)
    [merlin merlin, arthur. pg. 1527 words. coda to lancelot and guinevere.]
    "What am I supposed to think? Maybe you just like making me feel worthless."

  • mea culpa (18/10/08)
    [merlin merlin/arthur. pg. coda to lancelot. 1066 words.]
    “Do you understand the position you’ve put me in?”

  • mirror & face (13/12/08)
    [merlin!au. merlin/arthur. gwen/morgana. morgana/uther. adult. PORNSTAR AU. current; 288 words+]
    Arthur looked at himself in the mirror and pulled a face.

  • mors merlini (14/10/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. character!death. post la morte d'arthur. 1608 words.]
    “I didn’t mean to lie,” Merlin said, looking at Arthur’s lips, chin, anywhere but his eyes.

  • nihil novi (24/10/09)
    [merlin merlin/arthur.. pg. 768 words. coda to beauty and the beast]
    disappointment from Arthur always leaves him with a bad taste in his mouth, a heartbeat just a little too fast.

  • odi et amo (26/09/09)
    [merlin. gen. pg. coda to once and future queen. 845 words.]
    "He would do anything for you, you know."

  • primas inter pares (16/11/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. gwen and merlin are drunken bffs! r. coda to lancelot. 1498 words.]
    “You can say fucking,” Gwen admonished.

  • procedo (15/10/08)
    [merlin merlin/arthur. g. 329 words.]
    "He cares about me," Merlin said, stupidly.

  • .serviam (19/09/09)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. coda to curse of cornelius sigan]
    He never wanted Arthur to be afraid of him.

  • standing on the edge of the earth (15/10/09)
    [dvd commentary]
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. (arthur/gwen, gwen/lancelot). r for offscreen violence. 1123 words. coda to lancelot and guinevere.]
    Arthur grits his teeth and feels Lancelot's hands on his back. "I didn't save one to lose another!"

  • .stumble to the grave (26/09/10)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. 2,150 words. teen. for batgurl88 for help_haiti. coda to the last dragonlord.]
    in which arthur has been here before and merlin is breaking apart.

  • temet nosce (30/10/09)
    [merlin merlin/arthur. gen. words. coda to beauty and the beast [2] trailer.]
    "Do you have a plan?"

  • that i would be good (09/02/10)
    [merlin. merlin, arthur. horse!au. 3067 words. pg.]
    Arthur let his own eyes run over the horse. He didn't look anything special or amazing at all.

  • .the past is gone (20/06/10)
    [merlin. arthur, hunith, merlin. pg. 1072 words. post le morte d'arthur. for merlin_land.]
    in which hunith tells arthur what he already knows

  • this is it (09/03/10)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. 206 words. for this meme.]
    arthur's reputation is solidified in camelot.

  • three weeks (13/12/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. post!la morte d'arthur. 238 words.]
    When Merlin comes back three weeks later, his hair is plastered to his head and Arthur is alive.

  • .trapped in a circle of nothingness (27/09/10)
    [merlin. arthur/morgana/merlin-ish. gen. 100 words. for looking4tarzan.]
    she pretends that all decisions are easy.

  • tuebor (15/11/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. post!excalibur. 724 words.]
    “My father told me what you did, what you said. When he questioned your loyalty to me.”

  • utraque unum (21/11/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. coda to moment of truth. 475 words.]
    "I didn't lie to hurt you," Merlin says

  • vade mecum (03/10/09)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. merlin/morgana. pg. 1024 words. coda to nightmare begins.]
    Merlin has to close his eyes because this betrayal is one he doesn't think Arthur will ever forgive.

  • veritas (01/12/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. 2796 words. adult. snow!]
    “I hate winter,” Arthur says, softly.

  • via (16/01/09)
    [merlin merlin/arthur. pg. 1640 words. post-valiant.]
    “His pride,” Merlin muttered, “is going to be the death of me.”

  • vides et taceo (23/11/08)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. adult. 3087 words. coda to the moment of truth.]
    Tomorrow, they will start again.

  • we take the floor; PHARMACY!AU (14/11/08)
    [merlin!au. merlin/arthur. gwen/morgana. all-ratings. [adult. current; 1,239 words.]
    There was an angry silence and then, “I hate you, you know that, right?”

  • without her (09/03/10)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur, morgana. pg. 137 words. for this meme.]
    they could be so much more.

  • you are my sweetest downfall (03/11/10)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. r. 1000 words. coda to the witch finder.]
    Later, Merlin will wonder how Arthur got to him so fast.

  • .you can't break that which isn't yours (05/09/10)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur, gwen/lancelot (arthur/prince harry, merlin/will). hard r (themes). for paperlegends.]
    when arthur is sent to eton for further education, it seperates him from merlin after years of close friendship

  • you couldn't have loved me better (03/10/09)
    [merlin. merlin/arthur. pg. 794 words. kissing. for ras_elased.]
    they don't kiss. it's one of the many unpsoken rules between them

  • .your words of wisdom (27/09/10)
    [.merlin merlin/arthur. gen. 100 words. for aeternitasbeach]
    arthur isn't stupid; he knows when someone is lying to him.

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((fic) tv: life through a camera lense)

  • .2am (16/11/08)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. hard r. 566 words. phone!sex. lol.]
    Now is not a good time, he tells his cock.

  • a beard (in a moment of passion) (16/11/09)
    written with; chibirhm
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. adult.]
    beard!fic. bradley looking like a shakespearean hobo

  • .a breath, a life, i want you</b> (27/09/10)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. pg. 100 words. for
    colin hates filming on the cold days

  • anything that's worth having (02/01/10)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. adult. 4979 words.]
    "We're doing laundry because you insist on leaving clothes until the last minute and you're running out of things to wear." Colin gave him a smirk that made Bradley want to kiss it off of his face. "I might like the fact that you sometimes dress like a homeless person, but the majority of Great Britain does not."

  • desperation (15/12/08))
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. adult. 1582 words.]
    “Bradley,” Colin sighed, and placed a hand on Bradley’s chest, fighting the urge to push him away. “We can’t do this here.”.

  • easier in france (09/03/10)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley, katie. pg. 201 words. for this meme.]
    they think they're hiding it well

  • FLAME! (19/12/08)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. hard r. 425 words. lols.]
    Bradley grinned and thrust the christmas present under Colin's nose.

  • football (13/12/08)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. g. 108 words. fest.]

  • of queens & camelot (25/11/08)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. hard r. 304 words. follow up to the daily star thing.]
    Colin comes away from the interview feeling a little ridiculous.

  • .our distance is but a clue (27/09/10)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. g. 100 words. for tourdefierce.]
    it's almost second nature to hide it.

  • popcorn (13/12/08)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. g. 144 words. fest.]
    "I have popcorn."

  • something rough (07/02/09)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. pg. 412 words. beard!love.]
    Bradley blinked. "What the fuck is that?"

  • those old green eyes (13/02/09)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. pg. 1095 words. jealous!fic.]
    They're watching the first season extras when Bradley notices it for the first time.

  • unimagineable wonder (27/03/10)
    [merlin rpf!au. colin/bradley. pg. 346 words. doctorwho!au.]
    bradley loves colin; not the idea of loving colin

  • you have a pretty face (throw up on your shoes REMIX) (17/03/09)
    [merlin rpf. colin/bradley. katie, angel. pg13. words. ST PATRICKS DAY FIC.]
    "You're Irish," Bradley said, disgusted. "How is it you can't hold your alcohol?"

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