{ ♫ siri ♫ } (thisissirius) wrote,
{ ♫ siri ♫ }

#249; (#6) (art) merlin; for bigbang cover and collage

.forever love (the round table remix) art
[merlin. photoshop. created for hopenight for paperlegends]
a collage and a cover for her fic :)
notes; my second piece of art for the big bang. i hope you guys like this one as well ♥

i didn't like the collage as much as i like the cover but they're both growing on me. i'm pleased hopenight seems to like them, so i guess i did my job :P.
Tags: (art) cover, (art) mine, (art) photoshop, (art) tv: two sides of a legend, (challenge) bigbangs
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