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#120; (#12) (fic) star trek: reboot; TENTACLE PORN (idek, kirk/spock)

.worth my while
[star trek: reboot. kirk/spock. 721 words. adult. TENTACLE PORN.]
the one with kirk, spock and tentacles.
disclaimer; LOL NOT MINE.
notes; this is how it works; i write something, and sometimes cannedebonbon draws something related. then she posted a NSFW picture of kirk and spock and she mentioned tentacles. i was all LOL, HAHA DRAW THAT AND I'LL WRITE FOR IT.

yeah, the lesson here, kids, is don't be a smart mouth. because then she did draw it and i had to write it. /0\

(which still manages to not be dirty? even if it's porn? HOW DOES THAT WORK?)

so. enjoy? idefk.

. (or that time siri wrote tentacle!Porn)


So. He's been in some really weird situations before but this goes beyond anything James Kirk can honestly say he expected. He's clutching at Spock's arms, trembling from head to foot and trying to pretend that he's not been rendered speechless by whatever passes for a cock on Vulcan.

He groans something that's probably supposed to be Spock's name and digs his nails into the back craned above him. Oh god, shit, this is so not what I-

Spock shifts his hips and suddenly there's another one, twining it's path along Kirk's thighs and spreading them wider. He tries to focus on the one pressing him into the sheets but they're everywhere and it's making for the best sex of his life. There's an uncomfortable pressure against his arse and then there's burn and a little flash of pain as it slides deep. He's ready for the pleasure when it comes, though, cresting like a wave against the kiss Spock presses to his wrist and Kirk forgets everything but the feeling of this, here, now.

They move against each other, Kirk a helpless mass of limbs as Spock twists his hips and buries himself deep. Kirk squeaks and he would definitely be embarrassed if he could think past the thrust, pull, thrust, pull of their bodies.

Kirk's not new to this by any means, but there's a difference between being the one directing the sex and being the one to take it; he's never been this helpless or vulnerable before and it doesn't even matter because it's so. fucking. amazing that he can feel like this. He's being torn apart from the inside out and rocking against Spock and his tentacles, for crying out loud.


"S-spock," Kirk manages from between clenched teeth. Pleasure shoots from head to toe as Spock - well, he doesn't exactly shift but he moves something and touches nerve endings Kirk didn't even know existed. He wants to swear, wants to moan and cry and writhe but it's as if Spock has stolen everything from the air in his lungs to the movement of his limbs. The tentacles are everywhere; wrapped around his legs, holding him open.

He tosses his head back, archs against the bed and Spock whispers something into the air above his head. Kirk doesn't hear, all he can do is feel.

It's bizarre, hot and so fucking-

"Holy shit!"

Spock touches his face, fingers to the psi points that they are both learning to become so familiar with and suddenly Spock is everywhere; in his mind, wrapped around his cock and buried deep in his arse. There's something sliding along his thighs, stretching him impossibly wide so that he feels everything, every slide and burn and touch to that small bundle of nerves designed to drive him crazy. He clutches at Spock's shoulders, buries his face against the green-tinged skin. His heart is thudding in his ears and even as his fingers slide against the sweaty skin of Spock's shoulders, it is as if they are not.

He is Kirk, he is Spock, he is everywhere and he is nowhere.

He comes undone, thrust by thrust and then Spock kisses him, mentally and physically. The stimulation is too much; the tentacle curled around his cock times a slide and small twist with a touch of his prostate and Kirk is howling as he comes; ecstasy pouring from every bone and every cell, echoed in his mind.

He doesn't even know if Spock has come until afterwards, when they're lying side by side. Kirk licks his lips, the feeling rushing back like pins and needles and he can still feel Spock's mind touching his, as apprehensive as a Vulcan gets.

"Fuck me."

Spock raises an eyebrow and before he can say something smart-assed, Kirk rolls his eyes and curls his fingers around Spock's own. He knows it's a kiss or foreplay or whatever Vulcan's call it, but it's also a human gesture that's innocent of anything. Kirk just needs something to ground him because he's pretty sure the tingling throughout his body isn't going to end anytime soon. He smirks.

"Tentacles are awesome."


Kirk reads between the lines (and the answering smirk in Spock's eyes) and he's content to know that they'll definitely be doing this again.

(He doesn't even mind not being the one to call the shots because, tentacles.)

.the end
Tags: (fic) mine, (fic) mp: boldy going with logic & brawn, (pairing) kirk&spock
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