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[meme] The Magical Reveal Meme!

two things.

+ overheardincmlt. LOL YOU GUYS. i don't know.


+ Merlin/Arthur Magical Reveal Meme +

This meme is all about Merlin/Arthur and the MAGICAL REVEAL. The past few episodes have TEASED and TANTALISED me with their CONTENT. They make me think the reveal is IMMINENT (even when it is not). I would love to have YOUR versions of the reveal; MERLIN/ARTHUR STYLE ♥

The rules:

1. Write your Merlin/Arthur MAGICAL REVEALS in the comments below. Please don't link back to your journal.
2. One reveal ficlet/artwork/vid/whatever per comment, please.
3. Play nice. If you don't like the way someone has revealed the magic; move on. Don't start fights/whatever. KEEP IT FRIENDLY, PEOPLE.
4. If your fic/art/whatever includes SPOILERS for ANY of season 2 then please label them CLEARLY. Thank you.
5. Let the discovery begin!

If you like the idea, please pimp this on your journal, using the text inside the box below:


or regular text link;

Tags: (festivals) merlin; magical reveal meme
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