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.and i am alive
[merlin. merlin/arthur. gwen/morgana. adult. band!au. (5746 words) :D]
Speculation is ripe about hot new band Slash Dragon, after sharp-eyed fans spotted the two lead singers, Merlin Emrys and Arthur Pendragon sharing significant looks at a concert last night
disclaimer; i do not own merlin and no money is being made from this.


  • first off; yes, i'm aware there's a band!au already. no, i didn't copy it. yes, this has been sitting on my hard drive for weeks.
  • this isn't just a fic. it's a fic, fanmix, multi-media bonanza all rolled into one ;)
  • please remember that this took me ages to complete. don't take anything and pass off as your own. i'll cry.
  • right-click, save as the music files please. they're hosted on my own server.
  • enjoy! this was meant to be fun!
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.and i am alive

Slash Dragon - Camelot - Full Zip File (Including Artwork)
CD Booklet as a .pdf
Thanks to the amazing solar_cat


Slash Dragon - Camelot - With or Without You

With or Without You is a bonus track on the Camelot Re-Mastered CD. Taken from the archives of Slash Dragon's discography, the song is the earliest documented recording of Gwen Evere’s career. Recorded during a private performance, it is her most notable solo performance and one that has not appeared on any album or B-Side until now.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Billie Jean

Much like With or Without You, Billie Jean was a cover song, recorded in yet another private performance by by Merlin. He lends his own particular talents to both the vocals and the accompanying music. Again, it has never before appeared on any album or B-Side.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Jesse

Jesse was Slash Dragon's debut single and remains their highest selling record to date. Penned by Merlin Emrys, the track is a reflection of his earlier work but it is often held as the focal point for some of his later music and lyrical references.


Jesse was the first song that Merlin was fully comfortable with. He gave it to Arthur first because, if nothing else, he'd always been brutally honest about Merlin's writing. It didn't take long for Arthur to understand the significance of the song and his face shifted, eyes meeting Merlin’s.

"It's about us, isn't it?"

Merlin had learnt to be a good liar in their time together but he swallowed hard and looked down. Arthur deserved the truth. He nodded, throat too tight to speak.

Pursing his lips, Arthur said nothing more about the subject and instead turned his attention back to the paper. "That line in the middle should be Gwen's, not mine."

Merlin didn't know where that left the two of them but he took the lyrics back from Arthur and set to changing the lyrics around. Whilst he was writing, he could see Arthur attempting to say something, almost unsure.

"I want to know what I want, Merlin, you have to believe that."

The situation wasn't going to change, so Merlin said nothing. Uther's rules were Uther's rules and Merlin wasn't stupid enough to risk his career, not when Uther held everything they were in the palm of his hand. Merlin's resentment, his wants, weren't going to change Uther's mind.

Arthur took the paper back and Merlin could see his knuckles whiten as he read the lines again. "I do, you know."

Merlin's mouth twisted. "We should give it to Gwen and Morgana. We can work out the music and maybe this time we'll actually have a song they're happy with."

Catching Merlin's wrist, Arthur looked at him, as if willing Merlin to believe him. "I do," he repeated.

"I know," Merlin sighed, looking down at Arthur's fingers, tanned and dark against his pale arm. "I want the same thing, Arthur, but it is what it is."

They both had to be resigned to their fate. Nothing could be done.

"One day," Arthur said, eyes on fire. "They will know."

It shouldn't have felt like an empty promise, but it did.



Slash Dragon - Camelot - 10,000 Nights

10,000 Nights was a fun-filled song on Slash Dragon's third album. It's a favourite at concerts and fans have come to enjoy the play between Merlin and Gwen. It is also one of the rare occurrences when Arthur takes over lead guitar.)


“Your love is so ridiculous,” Morgana said, watching them suck face on the tour bus.

Gwen wrinkled her nose. “Get a room.”

Merlin flipped her the finger as Arthur stuck his hand in Merlin’s pants.



Slash Dragon - Camelot - Over My Head

A song that hit the Number One spot immediately, Over my Head has been the source of much interpretation; some claim there is a hidden meaning within the lyrics, however the band has yet to talk on the matter. Once again, Merlin has taken inspiration from real life and woven it into the song beautifully.


Arthur nuzzled his neck, licking at the skin of his collarbone and Merlin just held on, trembling from the force of everything. He dug his nails into the skin of Arthur’s biceps, a soft hiss the only sign of discomfort but Merlin swallowed it down with a kiss, arching to meet Arthur’s thrust.

This, just this was all Merlin needed to feel whole, complete.

His whole world reduced to Arthur.


The first rumours about Sophie surfaced that weekend and when Merlin heard about them, he tried to laugh it off.

Gwen found him later that night curled up on his bed, duvet pulled up to his chin. He didn’t cry, just clutched at the fabric of her shirt and wondered why Arthur didn’t want him anymore.


Sophie Sidhe’s face was plastered all over the newspapers the next morning with Arthur’s face was right along side it.

Morgana punched him in the face and Arthur avoided her – and Merlin – all day.


The next night, there was a note on top of Merlin’s pillow.

I’m sorry.

Merlin didn't want to know what for.



Slash Dragon - Camelot - We Get On

There is little doubt as to where this song originated. Fans enjoy Gwen's performance at concerts, but recently We Get On has fallen off of the playlist due to unfolding circumstances in the bands structure.


Merlin didn’t tell Gwen he was writing his next song for her.

When she had discovered Lance didn't like her as much as pretended to, Merlin had been the one to hold her. He had been the one to kiss her cheek and tell her that he loved her. He had been the one to punch Lance in the face when he'd next seen him.

Arthur had laughed and taken the fight to new levels (mostly because nobody fucked with a member of the band and got away with it) but also because Merlin had asked him too.

He refused to have anything to do with it and deflected comments about it in interviews.

He penned We Get On one afternoon whilst watching Gwen laugh and run about with Morgana by the pool. It was rare that they got these chances to just be themselves and Merlin smiled as Morgana sent a particularly nasty splash in Gwen’s direction.

The song hit him as Arthur came out to stand beside him, hands on his shoulders and dripping water onto the top of his head. Sending a mock glare Arthur's way, Merlin turned back to Gwen and everything just seemed to come to him; how it must have been for her, suffering through a one-sided relationship.

He watched her smile but with sadness. He watched her read the newspapers and the clippings and watched as she listened to Lance lie on the radio. He wanted to hurt Lancelot where it counted; with his music.

The song didn’t paint Lance in as bad a light as it could but Merlin was not above petty jealousy (or anger) and so he found the closest lookalike to Lance he could and had him destroyed in the video.

Gwen smiled for the first time in weeks when she viewed it and even Arthur commented on how much he liked the lyrics this time around.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Real World

The music for Real World was a mish-mash of trial and error on Slash Dragon's part but the lyrics are once more reminiscent of art imitating life.


“Fuck, Merlin, don’t do this.”

“Do what? Act like your boyfriend? I’m sorry, I thought that’s what I was."

“Merlin, dammit.”



Slash Dragon - Camelot - Tristan

Slash Dragon's most popular song to date, tristan sees Arthur at his best and worst; crawling across the stage in sparse clothing with vocals that give a touch of brilliance to award-winning lyrics. The emotion behind them is obvious; the band always go above and beyond and tristan remains their best, and most heavily praised, single.


The idea hit for tristan hit Merlin at a ridiculous hour of the morning.

Arthur's hair was tickling his chin and he could feel Arthur's heartbeat against his forearm. He remembered the way Arthur had looked at him the night before, sweat-slicked hair plastered to his forehead and the harsh noises he had made through his want and his need.

Merlin liked him best in those moments, when he was open and free and the Arthur that Merlin knew. The real Arthur and not the one that he showed to the world. It was something personal and amazing, something just for him.

He reached for the paper on the bedside table, kept for just such an occasion and started to scribble the words, careful not to dislodge Arthur.

The grunts and growls of the night before somehow translated themselves onto paper and he weaved a song out of his feelings, Merlin's mind on the mixed signals Arthur was constantly giving off.


Arthur had been less than impressed with the song at first, but after Morgana and Gwen had given their approval and worked out the rhythm and beat with Merlin, he took hold of the microphone. Letting them play the song through a few times, he gradually started to sing the low, guttural words that hit Merlin right in the heart. With every word he saw the tangle of limbs and Arthur panting against his neck, growling into the space between them.


They performed the song for the first time to a 200 strong crowd as part of a small charity gig. It was an instant hit with Arthur growling and throwing himself across the stage, even managing to grind against Merlin half way through.

The fans went wild as was their want at the smallest display of affection on stage between the two of them and Arthur lapped all of it up. Merlin did too, if he was being honest with himself and he savoured the sound of hundreds of people cheering them on for something he had written.

More, they wanted more.


Filming the video took a lot out of Merlin but watching the smile on Arthur's face as he performed was worth all of the added pressure and confusion. Merlin was made the star for the first time and he understood the proud look on Arthur's face and in the way he smiled. Merlin had given Arthur the fame, using his words to spin a tale of stardom and life that had been everything Arthur had ever wanted and in return, Arthur could give him this moment in the spotlight.

There was a level of depravity to the video that Merlin wasn't comfortable with and he wasn't sure if it worked at all. He worked himself up into such a state that by the end of the shoot, Arthur took his hand and led him from the studio. They drove, inane chatter filling the silences and Merlin felt himself relax, growing happy in a way he hadn't been for a long time. Somehow everything was worth it.

Just the two of them and the long, winding road ahead.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Are You Still Mad

Little is known about this song except that it was penned by Merlin as a special favour to Morgana. There is still much speculation about it's meaning.


Merlin liked to travel by the tour bus rather than flying to gigs because it meant he got time to himself.

It was one such trip that Morgana came and sat beside him. She regularly spent time in his company, choosing to read a book or magazine as he studied and messed around with his lyrics. Sometimes he would fall asleep on her, pen in hand and pad of paper lying haphazardly on his lap. He would wake, embarrassed, but she would just smile and ask what he was working on.

Other times she would just sit with him and he would work in peace, both of them appreciating the calm.

Today, she slid into the seat next to him and gave him a searching look. “I want you to write something for me.”

Merlin just continued to look down at his paper. He knew not to rush Morgana; she’d tell him what she wanted when she was ready.

“I want,” she sighed, cutting herself off. “No, I would like a song. From you.”

Merlin felt a rush of pride at the words and then nodded tightly. “Do you want something in particular?"

It was her turn to nod and then she turned away, looking out of the window. “I need to send a message to somebody and I need them to understand something I can’t tell them with words.”

He didn’t understand but then he rarely did. He just tapped his pen against his paper. “You don’t have to tell me everything,” he said.

“No. I do.”

And she did. She told him what had happened from start to finish and when she stopped speaking he started to write, the strains of a song already tugging at his mind. She watched him, silently, as he wrote. He didn’t finish the song that day or even that week. It was over a month before he remembered it again and when he took it out to finish it, he realised he had never once asked her how she felt.

The first time Morgana sang it, her hands trembled against the mic stand and Merlin could see her jaw clench even from where he was standing. He knew it took guts to sing about this, to the person she was singing it to and he admired her for that.

He remembered performing Apologise for the first time and knew that Morgana was feeling what he had then. He chewed the inside of his cheek but she finished the song with a strong, leading note and the crowd loved it, worshipping Morgana with the same decibel level as they did Arthur.

Merlin was the only one to know what the song was about and who it was for. (Not even Arthur had been privy to this information, for all that he had asked, begged and shouted.)

He only hoped they got the message.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Big Girls

A fun track from the bands second album, Big Girls has recently declined in air time, but it gave the band an added fan base by showing that it doesn't adhere to 'labels'. Definitely a must-listen to, if only for old times sake.


It was a ridiculous song and Merlin never thought Arthur would actually agree to sing it. Maybe it had something to do with the way Gwen and Morgana had been acting around each other lately, all soft and amazing.

Arthur couldn’t miss the signs anymore than Merlin could and they both knew what was going on. They didn't mention it aloud, but they did joke about what the press would say when they found out.

The song was a joke too, something Merlin penned in good spirits and that Arthur had accepted on the same grounds. They used it once or twice at concerts, purely for filler, but eventually it fell off of their playlist altogether.

Gwen and Morgana would still sing it randomly at irritating moments, deliberately to be annoying. Merlin suspected they were trying to remind him that he hadn't always penned angst-filled ballads with scratchy vocals.


Amused Slash Dragon fans last night expressed their joy at discovering the apparent relationship between Gwen Evere and Morgana Fey. Revealed at the after-party of last nights Brit Awards, Gwen and Morgana were rarely seen apart and onlookers described them locked in a kiss of 'intense passion'. This should tickle Uther Pendragon and all at Pendragon Records who have always maintained their band as 'readily available'. Maybe they should talk to their band occasionally. Congratulations, girls!


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Womanizer

Womanizer remained at the number One spot for fifteen weeks; the longest period of time for a single. Morgana has become a firm favourite with the fans with this track and she plays it up well with the fans at concerts and shows alike, often painting Arthur as the poor man at the midst of the song. On one memorable occasion, the track was performed by Merlin as a stand-in although fans view this as the start of Slash Dragon's decline.)

.twenty-six [News Report]

... last night at Slash Dragon’s sold out concert in London. During the sensational performance of Womanizer, Morgana claimed illness and it was Merlin who take to the stage to perform their hit song. There has been no official statement issued by the band, yet, but there are no illusions that this was a dig from Merlin to band-mate Arthur Pendragon. The two have been in a relationship for a few years but Merlin was rocked by the photos released of Arthur and model-turned-actress Sophie Sidhe close and comfortable at various venues.

Things got a little heated during the performance with Merlin stripping off layers of clothing. The crowd loved it but it was obvious that Arthur did not; in a sensational move that left the venue shocked, Arthur walked off of the stage and refused to come back on. Rallying well, Merlin, Morgana and Gwen continued on to end the set they had promised the fans but there is a new furore over the band, tonight and many are left wondering where this leaves the band - and their fans.


“Don’t you care why I did it?” Arthur stood in the doorway, hands on his hips and the familiar petulant expression on his face. Merlin could see his jaw set and wished just once that Arthur wouldn’t be so predictable, that just once he’d ask Merlin if anything was wrong.

“You know I don’t,” he said, shaking his head tiredly. “I don’t want to know, I don’t care. I just want to sleep.”

Arthur didn’t say anything, just continued to watch Merlin. Eventually Merlin turned away from him, tugging off his shoes and socks.

“What do you want from me?”

Merlin snorted and looked back over his shoulder. “If you haven’t figured that out by now, I wonder if you ever will.”

Something nasty crossed Arthur’s face and then it was gone, but not before Merlin had registered it. Instead of leaving him be, Arthur crossed the room and came to sit beside him on the bed. “I left the stage because I couldn’t handle it, alright? You were stripping for them and I just – I wanted it to be me.”

“What, you wanted to strip on stage?” Merlin snapped the words, fully aware that Arthur hadn’t meant that at all.

Arthur’s face took on a pinched look and he ran through his hair, one sign of many that he was as exasperated by the situation as Merlin. “I want you to look at me that way.”

Merlin felt the anger bubble under the surface and his fists clenched. “I look at you like that every single day. You just choose not to look back. You go where the girls and the parties are, where the fun is and you forget about me.”

The silence stretched between them, heavy and uncomfortable and Merlin sighed, dropping his hands to his lap.

“I’m leaving,” he said. “The band and London.”


Arthur didn’t even flinch. “Right,” he said and refused to look up.

Merlin wanted to smack him. “Don’t act like this is some great slight against you. You had to know this was coming.”

“The fans will be disappointed.”

This time Merlin did hit him. Not expecting the punch, Arthur’s head snapped back and Merlin fought the guilt rising in his stomach.

“You bastard,” he said instead, standing and raising his fist again. “You can’t even fight for me now?”

Arthur’s face twisted into a sneer, nasty and open. Finally, Merlin thought, finally he knew what Arthur really thought. “Why should I bother? You’ve already made up your mind.”

Merlin didn’t know what to say to that. He fought down the angry words even as he wanted to scream them in Arthur’s face. He wasn’t worth it; wasn’t the person Merlin had believed him to be for all these months, all these years.

“Go find Sophie,” Merlin snapped. “I’m sure she’d be happy to comfort you.”

“Fuck you.” Arthur’s eyes flashed angrily and he shot to his own feet. With one last glare, he stalked out of Merlin’s room and slammed the door.

Merlin stood in the middle of the room and tried to breathe, knowing that with every footstep Arthur took, the distance between them cemented and refused to break.


Slash Dragon fans were left wondering on the state of Merlin and Arthur's relationship yesterday after Merlin's shock departure from the band. The rift, starting weeks ago after pictures surfaced of Arthur out on the town with Sophie and a friend, has been evident for a while. In a shock move, fans have rallied behind Merlin, publicly condemning Arthur and his relationship with Sophie. Only time will tell if this is something that can be healed.


Morgana had barely touched her breakfast and Arthur knew what was coming. He flicked a thumb against his mug of tea and looked down at the paper, trying to head her off. “I already know what you’re going to say, so save it.”

She didn’t. “He told Gwen and I a week before he told you.”

Arthur frowned. “He said he only made up his mind that day.”

“No,” Morgana said, leaning forward. “He didn’t. You pick and choose what you want to hear, Arthur. You always have.”

Opening his mouth to speak, he closed it again when the sound of fighting filtered through the open study door, loud and angry. “I don’t care, Gaius. This is a PR nightmare and it’s your job to sort this out. I told you letting that boy join the band was a bad idea.” A pause. “Don’t raise your voice to me and don’t make excuses. This is-“

The door slammed shut and Arthur flinched. “The band was his idea, you know.”

Morgana’s mouth twitched, the beginnings of a smile and he wondered what there was to be happy about. “Yes,” she agreed. “I know. Gwen told me.”

Arthur kept forgetting Gwen and Merlin had been friends for a long time. “I’m not saying I miss him,” he snapped, before she could.

Sighing softly, Morgana pushed her plate away and rested her hands on the table, cocking her head to look at him. “Everything Merlin did with the band, with us, was for you,” she explained. “He wrote songs for you, wrote them from his heart, and you didn’t even notice.”

“Everyone keeps telling me that,” Arthur said, knowing he was whining.

“So maybe you should listen.” Morgana softened the harsh words by laying a hand on his. He twisted uncomfortably but she didn’t let go. “Listen to me,” she said and the words were hard and angry. He looked up and met her gaze unflinchingly. “He stood by you even when the rumours were at their worst. He ignored the stuff with Sophie, he watched you fight back against the whole Lance thing and he even took you kissing Sophie, but you never gave anything back. When he needed you, you didn’t even realise anything was wrong.”

Arthur was tried of everybody trying to tell him he’d down wrong by Merlin. “Oh, and you did?”

“No,” Morgana admitted, readily. “But I’m not the one he’s in love with.”

He swallowed hard and twisted out of her grasp. “Whatever,” he said, and stood, turning to leave the room. “He made his choice.”

He could feel Morgana’s glare follow him out of the room.


Merlin was sitting in the back of the taxi on the way to the airport when his phone rang. The driver gave him a dark look from the front seat and Merlin finally gave in, thumbing the missed call button his phone.

Seventy six missed calls and fourteen messages.

He didn’t need to look to know that they were all from the same person. Sighing, Merlin started to listen.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Elvis Aint Dead

The quickly penned and heartfelt Elvis Aint Dead was sung at the Royal Variety Performance as a separate endeavour for Arthur Pendragon. Not on any of the albums and not labelled as a Slash Dragon song, a suitable and perfect copy is hard to come by. Fans agree that Elvis Aint Dead was yet another message from band mate to band mate and some believe that it was this song that started the re-unification of the band.


There’s a song. Just listen to it. You never have to speak to me again if you don’t want to, but just – just listen.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Apologize

Apologize is both penned and sung by Merlin Emrys. Not released on any album until the Camelot Re-Mastered CD , Apologize was written about his departure from the band.


Merlin wrote his own song that night, adding in a piano piece for himself and leaving the guitar work for Gwen. She kept her hand pressed to his back the whole time he was writing, feeling the music in the air all around them and he pressed his lips together into a thin line.

“I missed it,” he said, slowly.

Gwen said nothing, just continued the soothing circles on his back.

Merlin rubbed a hand over his forehead tiredly. “I know he won’t ever change so I shouldn’t be angry, but he won’t even meet me half way.”

“He’s trying,” Gwen said, and held up a hand as Merlin turned. “I’m not defending him, Merlin, you know I’m not. But since you left, something’s been different about him. I think he’s starting to realise what he had.”

Merlin snorted. “I doubt that,” he said, but the words were hollow.

“Have you spoken to him?”

“No, but I listened to his stupid song.”

Except it hadn’t been stupid and it hadn’t been private. Arthur had sung it at the Royal Variety Performance in front of millions and nobody could claim to ignore the meaning of the song or who it was written for. He shifted uncomfortably. “I don’t understand him.”

Gwen smiled. “He’s not that difficult to figure out, Merlin.”

“If that was true, I would never have left.” The words hung uncomfortably between them. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I just wish I knew why he did what he does.”

“I’m sorry.”

Gwen blinked and Merlin raised his head slowly, back stiffening under her hand. Arthur was standing awkwardly in the middle of the room and it was the first time Gwen had seen him anything but confident since Merlin had left.

“What do you want?” The words lacked venom, but Merlin couldn’t bring himself to even work up the anger.

Gwen patted Merlin’s back once and then stepped down from the stage, crossing the small studio floor and pausing next to Arthur. She was about to open her mouth to say something but stopped at the look in his eyes. Feeling her heart tighten, Gwen just nodded and left the room.

“I just want to talk,” was the last thing she heard.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - In This City

The song often viewed as the song that saved the band.


Arthur actually penned the song that saved them. He had the basic idea; a half-formed thought in his mind and he outlined it for Merlin. A city of intrigue and deception, of mis-information, rumour and pain. Of reconciliation and love.

Merlin listened, hearing everything Arthur didn’t say and understood. He nodded, once, and something in Arthur seemed to relax. Together they outlined the music by mixing styles that they had never used before and writing a song that they could feel from the depths of their souls.

It took them a long time to present the finished product to Morgana and Gwen and even longer to admit that their tenuous relationship was once more solidifying into something real and tangible. They trod careful ground and eventually came up with an idea for the video. They went back to the roots of the King Arthur legend and the song twisted into something wonderful and new all at once.

When the song went public, complete with music video and CD artwork, the response was immediate.

Slash Dragon were back and Merlin and Arthur had penned the most heavily anticipated single to date. It didn’t match the record sales of Womanizer and didn’t have the same effect that tristan seemed to, but Merlin and Arthur knew the significance of what they’d done and it mattered the most to them.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - I Will Survive

Nobody would dispute that when Merlin was angry at somebody, he used his music to get back at them and I Will Survive is no exception. Following the storm of publicity Sophie Sidhe created with her magazine articles and subsequent autobiography, I Will Survive gave the band their much needed avenue of revelation despite no official statement being issued by the band's publicists. It is a good, strong song none the less and still a fan favourite.


Sophie went public two weeks later with a mass of lies and half-truths.

Merlin frowned and looked down at the magazine, wondering just how people could accept such obvious rubbish. Arthur, for one, had never looked at anyone with doe-eyes. Seriously? Doe-eyes.

“Are you honestly reading that?” Arthur peered over his shoulder and wrinkled his nose at the article; at the now familiar picture that went along with it.

Merlin shrugged. “I just want to know stuff about you that I might not already.” He grinned.

Arthur snorted and grabbed the slice of toast off of Merlin’s plate. “Trust me, Merlin, if you don’t know, then I doubt anybody else will.”

Merlin felt his heart clench painfully at that, so he stared back at the article. “Did you know you have doe-eyes?”

“Fuck off,” Arthur said in a sing-song voice and stood back, one hand on Merlin’s shoulder. “What else does she say?”

Merlin scoured the article. “How much you adored her. How much you wanted to not be a part of the band and-“

“What the fuck?” Arthur snatched the magazine from his hands and Merlin rolled his eyes. “What the fucking hell?”

Dropping his head to the table, Merlin covered his laugh well.

“Oh, I see you found the article,” Morgana said, gliding into the room glad only in a t-shirt and panties. Merlin thought it justly unfair that she awoke just as beautiful as she looked in the middle of the day. He snorted again and Arthur cuffed the back of his head and said, “moron,” with affection in his tone.

Gwen followed her in, tying her hair back. “Oh, did you know they have a section on us in there, too? Apparently they have a Merlin Weight-O-Meter for you now.” She smiled wickedly at him. “They think you’re too thin.”

Merlin choked then and laughed out right.

Arthur flicked through the magazine and found it, laughing. Merlin was just glad he’d glided past the Sophie part. He wondered if he could punch her at the next TV awards. He’d gotten away with the whole Lance thing and people couldn’t consider him punching the ‘husband-stealing hussy’ (and seriously the fact that his mother had actually said husband-stealing in the first place was embarrassing enough) a matter for concern, surely.

He settled for grinning and took Arthur’s snort for what it was.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Theme from the Chalets

A light-hearted song that often gets the fans pulses racing when performed live. The emotion and affection is evident between the band members when they perform and the lyrics are once more, pure genius.


“I think you should write a song for us,” Arthur said, waving a hand between himself and Morgana.

So he did.


When they first performed the song, Merlin could sense the confusion from the crowd but eventually they warmed up to Arthur and Morgana spending the entire song taking the piss out of each other. In some renditions, Merlin and Gwen were dragged along for the ride.

The fans got a kick out of it and Merlin saw it praised in magazine after magazine.

Nobody really understood, though, and Merlin knew it was because it had as much to do with the song as it had the singers; they had a rapport and the emotion between them was treasured. He loved Morgana and Gwen as much as he did Arthur, only in different ways.

He would die for them and he knew, without a doubt, that they would do the same for him.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - On Broken Strings

Broken Strings is yet another song written in the midst of the Slash Dragon split and Merlin pours his very soul into the lyrics.


Arthur first heard the song on the bus, the radio filtered through every speaker. Merlin was writing on the small table and his head snapped up, eyeing Arthur with a frightened look.

Gwen reached over to turn it off, but Arthur caught her wrist, not moving his gaze from Merlin's face.

There was a beat or two and even Morgana was drawn from her magazine.

Arthur's lip twitched and then he turned to Gwen. "Let's take a look at your new cover art."

Merlin let out the breath he didn't know he'd been holding and his lips curved into a smile when Arthur's ankle brushed his own.

It was okay.


The next time Arthur performed tristan, Merlin couldn’t stop grinning.

He was prancing around the stage, grunts and growls and all and even Morgana laughed when the panties hit the stage. Arthur only had eyes for Merlin and the fans lapped it up, screaming and some even fainting with shock when Arthur slid his hands up Merlin’s shirt, singing in his ear. Merlin felt the grunts through every nerve in his body and he hardened, embarrassingly, in front of millions. Arthur smirked, fully aware of the effect he’d had and still, still Merlin couldn’t stop grinning.

This was what he’d almost given up and he was glad that he had come back. That he had come home. He wouldn’t change it.

Not for the world.


Slash Dragon - Camelot - Wind in the Wires

There's debate over where and when Wind in the Wires was actually penned. Airing only on Parkinson during the Slash Dragon break up, most fans put the tone and emotion in the song down to Arthur's tumultuous feelings at the time. The song was never released but has been digitally re-mastered and put onto the re-release of the best selling Camelot Album as a Hidden Track.


eta; notes

  • songs: songs; u2 (with or without you), michael jackson (billie jean), ivri lider (jesse), alphabeat (10,000 nights), the fray (in over my head (cable car)), kate nash (we get on), matchbox twenty (real world), patrick wolf (tristan & wind in the wires), alanis morisette (are you still mad), britney spears (womanizer), scouting for girls (elvis aint dead), iglu & hartly (in this city), enrique iglesias (i will survive), the chalets (theme from the chalets), james morrison [& nelly furtado] (on broken strings).
  • special thanks go to (again) julesoh, lonelyfajita and seektheinfinite for cheerleading and edging me on so that this thing got posted. thank you so much guys
  • solar_cat gets thanks for the full-music .zip file (complete with artwork!) and the cd booklet .pdf! YOU WIN, BB.
  • thanks to all of you guys who never fail to cheerlead me!

eta2; links fixed! all songs should now download okay!

Tags: (fic) mine, (fic) tv: two sides of a legend, (long!fic) merlin: band!au
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