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dear yuletide letter {2016}

dear yuletide writer;

first of all; thank you so much ♥. you are very brave and very awesome and i am going to love whatever you produce for me so i wish you all the luck! (and i hope you get an awesome fic in return :D)

you are going to see way more into my mind than you want to in this post, but i'm not actually as picky as i might seem to be. i am ridiculously easy to please, and anyone will tell you so. there's my twitter which is public, so you can see how crazy i am. there's my ao3 where you can see my fic and bookmarks and figure out just what the hell goes on in fic love. finally, there's my tumblr, which is hideously under-updated, but there are clues there, and you could even message me anon :D

i have left some prompts here, but PLEASE don't feel that you have to stick to them; go wherever your mind takes you with the fandom and characters. mix and match, don't go with it at all, stick with my hardcore loves. go wild!

requested fandoms;

kings (2009) jack benjamin, david shepherd
jurassic park (movies) owen grady, the raptor squad
the martian (2015) mark watney, chris beck

** if you click the fandom, it will jump straight to the section you want :D **

fic likes; so. hardcore likes. i took the fandom trope meme that was going around and it came out SO WELL i thought i would link it here: on twitter. my favourite trope of all time is soulbonds. SOULBONDS ARE MY HARDCORE LOVE. i love groundhog day fics and five things. magical connections are AWESOME (with telepaths and need-to-be-cose). friendship fic is great - especially if that develops into a relationship. emotional tention and character relationships that bleed into the relationship.

jealousy and protectiveness go hand in hand in my feelings. aus are my lifeblood - especially if they're connected to something else i love (the aus i always look for in a fic; daemon aus, coffee shops, arranged marriage/royalty au, SOULBONDS, imprints etc)

in regards to sexual content, i am not really keen on anything beyond alluded to? so no hardcore porn. i am, however, a sucker for KISSING. it is a huge thing for me. if you spend time on kissing, i will putty in your hands. making out is much more intimate to me than sex. though i do like frottage; coming in pants, heavy petting, such uncontrollable attraction that they just have to get it done then.

dislikes; romance-centric fics. infidelity, pwp, heavy kinks - basically, anything that goes hand to hand with porn including rape/non-con/mpreg/watersports etc etc. ignoring women and POC's - i like them well rounded and strong. i am also not down with anything too heavy on violence.

pairing wise; i ADORE slash like you wouldn't believe but it's not the be-all and end-all of fic; i have a deep abiding love for gen. in fact, if you can't find a pairing that you can write, don't be afraid to just write some gen fic. i'm going to love it because i don't always want pairings included.

well, actually, i will be happy with anything as long as you don't slap porn in there somewhere, heavy-handed and awkward.

the fandoms!

david, jack
my tumblr tag
(ship: david/jack)</a>

why i love the series
kings was so short lived, but it was so BEAUTIFUL and had such an impact on me. i have never read the bible, having never been overtly religious, but i am familiar with the story of jonathan and david, mostly because it had such an impact on me. i think the love between them is just so all-encompassing and great that it overshadows everything else.

general preferences

as i mentioned above, i think the love between jonathan (jack) and david is all-encompassing and i wanted to see that with jack and david. a fic that focuses on the lengths they would go to for each other, in ways they never went into in the show, that would be amazing. i think there's so much you can do with the relationship between them without making them ooc. they have such a depth of character already, that i want to see how that would work when taken in context with the relationship they have in the original text. post-series or even a series au where they just hit it off immediately. i don't want you to have to change their characters; i love how jack falls - and how the series never really let him rise again (and i wanted that so badly), and how david would have been king had they carried on. i just... want everything about them.

i love michelle, and i know i didn't request her, but if you should choose to use her, i would not complain. especially if she got to be as badass as i think she could be if given the chance. (just no michelle/david) and if her relationship with jack is solid i would be even happier.

general ideas

o1. post-series. david rescues jack from his prison and the two of them grow into a unit that will take down silas and bring peace and prosperity back.

o2. an au series where david comes and jack unfolds as the person g-d wants him to be; not the king, but the king's right hand, the confidant, the advisor. the person david takes to his confidence, trust, bed, and heart.

o3. i have a vivid scene of david and his crown of butterflies - and the echo of silas and rose, with the two butterflies landing on jack's outstretched fingers. go wherever that takes you, however jack chooses to take that.

jurassic park (movies)
owen grady, the raptor squad
my tumblr tag
(ship: gen only)

why i love the series
there's a focus here on jurassic world. i'm a fan of ALL of the movies, but there was something about jurassic world - and owen and his raptor squad - that just speaks to me. i fell in love with the media trail in the run up to the movie, and spent so long on the website, you have no idea. the idea of the actual theme park was amazing to me. specifically in relation to owen and the raptor squad, i love that they went that way; so much of movies has been about the terror and apprehension the velociraptors instil in people, and the fact that here was a pack of them, accepting and taking (however grudgingly) owen as their alpha, was amazing.

general preferences
i am so caught up in owen and his raptors. how did they come to grow together? there's a picture of owen with baby velociraptors around his head/neck and i get feelings about it, because i want to see them as babies, imprinting on owen and becoming his pack. i want to see how they learn to fit next to each other, especially when the raptors start learning that they're above owen in the food chain.

general ideas

o1. pre-movie, with owen teaching the raptors. maybe taking them on runs to on-island deer/cows/etc herds and teaching them to hunt, to care for themselves. i want him being there when they're hurt, teaching them to be strong and how to be the best they can be. just FAMILY feels with the raptors.

o2. au of the movie, where owen doesn't leave the island at the end (and the other raptors DON'T DIE). they survive and find a way to keep going when everything around them has fallen apart. (if you work zach, gray and claire in here, even though i didn't request them, it would make my heart full)

o3. owen gets an injury in the park, maybe in the uninhabited area, and the pack just know and break out of the cage to go and find him. i want the pack taking care of owen like he takes care of them!!!

the martian (2015)
mark watney, chris beck
my tumblr tag
(ship: mark/chris)

why i love the series
i read the book before i saw the movie, and even with their differences, the movie is SO faithful and it made me ridiculously happy. mark is such a dork and i love him a LOT. the way he manages to survive on mars is fantastic, how everything unfolds and he learns to get by. by comparison, i adore chris beck and his love of medicine so much that he reads medical journals in his downtime, him being an EVA specialist also adds to his allure. the crew of the ares 3 just GETS to me and i can't deal with it.

general preferences

i love the crew of the ares 3. the people on the ground at nasa and JPL etc were a HUGE part of the martian and i would not be without them, but the crew just gave me so many feelings. from lewis to martinez to johanssen to vogel to beck to watney. ALL OF THEM. just all the feelings about them. focus on them and how they worked those first days of meeting, training and then taking off for their mission. how the crew deal with leaving watney behind (especially if chris is pining/sad/what have you on the ship), how they deal with him coming back aboard. ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING WITH THE CREW.

general ideas

o1. mark is back and the crew deal with his return; not wanting to let him out of their sight, mark being so desperate for companionship that he doesn't even care. (if you don't mind the ship, having beck being ridiculously desperate to keep mark close to him would be awesome - especially if that includes wearing mark's clothes while he was away!)

o2. chris and mark's unfolding relationship; from the moment they meet, to the day chris has to declare mark dead and beyond; how do they deal with being in that relationship, on the same crew, and then having to survive without the other.

o3. SOULBONDS and how they would play into two people seperated by miles - especially if that soulbond broke for whatever reason while mark was on mars.

thank you SO MUCH and good luck :D
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(art) wend and repeat (until true) {art for bigbang}

.wend and repeat (until true) {art}
[the social network. eduardo saverin/mark zuckerberg. photoshop. fornovembersmithas part ofthesocialbbang]
author/fic;novembersmith; wend and repeat (until true)
disclaimer; i am creating artwork about mark zuckerberg and eduardo saverin (and other characters) as presented in the movie the social network. this is no way about the real people. also, i do not own the social network. this is for love and not profit

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(art) midnight at the hanging tree;; for hapakitsune!

.midnight at the hanging tree {art}
[the social network. eduardo saverin/mark zuckerberg. photoshop. for hapakitsune as part of thesocialbbang]
author/fic; hapakitsune; midnight at the hanging tree
disclaimer; i am creating artwork about mark zuckerberg and eduardo saverin (and other characters) as presented in the movie the social network. this is no way about the real people. also, i do not own the social network. this is for love and not profit

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(fic) the man who never lied; the social big bang

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1. omg this is finally over. i cannot even stress how much i hate this because it destroyed my life. no. seriously. i kind of love it because it took so long but also I DO NOT WANT TO LOOK AT IT FOREVER.
2. so many thank yous! mostly to iona, alex, salv, alex and maddie who all looked over and betad this for me because they are awesome! all remaining mistakes (of which i'm sure there are many) belong to me. well, the others ones did too because i am incapable of writing like a normal human. i hope this is good? D:
3. thanks to jo, who made the most wonderful of art ♥ ILY. it's so beautiful, i cannot even.
4. this isn't everything i wanted it to be? but i am so ready to be done with it, so.
5 { this is for you, novembersmith! sorry for SURPRISE!LINK-ing you and then not actually ever giving you the link :D }
6. thank you to hk, who has done a fantastic job of running the big bang ;_; ♥