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[SGABigBang] Interest in OT4 & Other Pairings

.one In regards to sgabigbang, we're trying to get together a list of the different pairings people would be interested in writing/creating art for. The original Big Bang accepts only Gen and McKay/Sheppard and we know that there are a hell of a lot of other pairings out there that people like and want to write/create art for.

So, if you're interested gblvr has put up a poll asking people for their slash opinions. We'd really like to know because we want this whole thing to be huge and wide and all encompassing. So. If you're interested, please go fill it out!

If it's a het pairing, threesomes or OT4 please fill out this poll:

Poll #1149845 Het, OT4 & Threesome Options for BigBang

I am interested in writing for the following Het pairing:

I am interested in doing art for the following Het Pairing:

I am Interested in writing for:

OT4 [Team SGA-1]

I am interested in doing art for:

OT4 [SGA-1]

(if Threesome was checked) The Threesome is: [writing]

(If Threesome was Checked) The Threesome is: [ART]

.two I signed up for the McKay/Sheppard part of the challenge. I have an idea already formed but I need peoples help! Is there anyone out there willing to let me run an idea by them?

.three I'm sick. I'm going back to bed now :(
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